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Dr. Ivan Rusilko: The Best Lifestyle Medicine Leader in Miami

Dr. Ivan Rusilko: The Best Lifestyle Medicine Leader in Miami

When we think about doctors, our mind pictures someone with a white lab coat, maybe glasses, walking around a pristine white or beige building, and talking with a patronizing tone. None of that applies to Dr. Ivan Rusilko, one of the top-ranked Lifestyle Medicine in Miami.

Former Mister USA, erotic romance author, and Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine Alumni today runs a practice devoted to improving the quality of life of his patients, using a holistic approach, and very innovative techniques. Dr. Rusilko opened the doors of his facilities and sat down to answer our questions and discuss his approach to health and well-being.

1. Who is Dr. Ivan Rusilko?

In simple words, who is Dr. Rusilko?

“A physician who has kind of seen the issues with traditional medicine and is trying to better provide for my patients, my friends, and anybody else who chooses to pay attention to me. A better avenue to actually find the help that they actually were looking for. And again, I’m one of those people who’s all involved, so what you see is what you get”. 

“When you’re on top of your physical, mental, and emotional game, you are indestructible in the game of life. So it’s just me trying to provide patients with the same cheat codes to life that I’ve been able to figure out”. 

He considers Lifestyle medicine as: “a form of medicine that combines the total self, which would be your mentality, your physicality, and your emotionality. Meaning that each of these various facets of who you are plays into your health in general. So if one is suffering, the other two will inevitably suffer as well. What we do in my consultation is look at the person as a whole, on a diagnostic level, as well as a level of learning about simple things. Sexual health, your overall environmental stresses, and how you sleep. All those different things which play into your emotional self, are just as important as what your diagnostic says.”

2. What made him settle in the city?

You have been in Miami for more than 10 years, What made you settle in the city?

Miami is the place for lifestyle medicine. It’s a very relaxed place. You go to cities like New York and Los Angeles and just the politics alone will get you stressed out, whereas here it’s more relaxed, it’s more chill. People come here to vacation, to sit on the beach and do nothing. So it’s a much more relaxed atmosphere, which, again, helps with your emotional health”. 

“Back in the day, the city was on the cusp of really popping. I discovered it while travelling for the Mr. USA contest, like 11 years ago. So I decided to settle here since I came from a place where it snowed all the time. I got sun, fun, and bikinis, you can’t beat that”.

“And for the medicine… here you’re walking around naked half of your life, what better place to portray a fitness-based medicine or a fitness-based approach to medicine? All those things added up to why Miami was a perfect spot for me”. 

Just consider the amount of sun and outdoor activities you can do. Whether you are into sports hunting fishing travelling biking or hiking, here is something for everybody. And lifestyle medicine just isn’t about prescriptions. It’s about the actual zest to live”.

3. What about the budget?

What about the budget?

“The city of Miami itself is medicine, If you learn what to do. There are four things that I always stress to my patients, which are sleeping, drinking water, taking care of your diet and cutting stress”. 

“Those four things you can fix on your own without pretty much any budget. You just need the education to do it. Do some research on your own, and then at the end of the day, just make the actual effort. All those different things do about 90% of what lifestyle medicine is across the board. The other 10% is the augmentation of hormones and nutrition and detoxification and things like that”.

According to his website Dr. Rusilko`s  Lifestyle Medicine facilities offer a vast array of treatments and programs customized to each patient’s unique biochemistry and lifestyle. After blood test results are obtained, there are three tiers the patient can choose from Lifestyle, Fitness, and Anti-Aging.

4. What makes his services unique? 

Among his services, we can count unique IV therapies, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, ketamine for emotional health, blood purification and enhancement using ozone and ultraviolet blood irradiation, exosome therapy and much more. But, what makes his services unique? 

“I try to lead by example, and  I would say your doctor should be your hero. You can never take weight loss advice from a fat doctor, or you can’t take cardiovascular health tips from a physician who smokes.

“On social media, I don’t really publicize medicine at all. I show a lifestyle, and having a fun experience in life, which is the end result of what this medicine can, and should be. What’s the point of extending your life if it’s not a life you want to extend?” 

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“I try to exemplify that by what I do,  how I portray myself, and the way I talk to patients. I graduated medical school but I present as a friend within the first three minutes, and then from there, it’s just sitting back and just cutting through the issues”.

“On the other hand, I tell my patients, I want to know more about you than God does. I’m not a medical drug dealer, I try to actually fix a problem.”

After treating them from six to eight months they should be able to come off of the program, and not go back to where they were. Their bodies are functioning at a much higher level because now they’ve learned how to eat, how to sleep, how to hydrate, their hormones are maximized, and their nutrition is great. They are detoxified, therefore their biological age is much less than their chronological age.”

5. What advice would he give to people?

What advice would you give to people, despite their age, to apply to their everyday life in order to live longer and better? 

“Stop worrying about the past, or the future.  It’s the biggest thing. I think anxiety is just stress for the future and depression is stress from the past.” 

“So if I could say anything, is to find whatever is stressing you in your life, whether it’s a loved one, whether it’s work, whether it’s the weather, whether it’s politics, there’s a solution for everything. It might be tough. It might lead to saying goodbye to somebody that you’ve been with for a long time. It might be turning your TV off. The first step towards getting yourself  indestructible in the game of life would be to make sure whatever stress is in you, is gone.”

“And, age is a decision. I have patients right now who are in their 60s who look like they’re in their 30s. It’s just because once you get that zest, that attention to life,  it’s awesome. You have to take the first step. You got to want to get better.”

Dr Rusilko`s programs last on average 6-8 months depending on each patient’s situation and desired outcome, diagnostic testing, and medical history. As we can see in dozens of testimonies, some choose to extend their treatment indefinitely.


Dr. Ivan Rusilko

Dr. Ivan Rusilko is a doctor in Miami who focuses on Lifestyle Medicine. He emphasizes the importance of mental, physical, and emotional well-being and offers personalized programs for his patients. Dr. Rusilko advocates budget-friendly lifestyle changes and offers unique therapies to enhance health. He sets himself apart by leading a vibrant lifestyle and aiming to be a hero to his patients, prioritizing quality of life over just extending it.

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