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Padel Miami: An Insider’s Guide

Padel Miami: An Insider’s Guide

From my days as a collegiate basketball player at UNLV to the tennis courts and now, my growing obsession with Padel Miami, I’ve always been captivated by the allure of sports. The adrenaline, the competition, the camaraderie – it’s a feeling that’s hard to replicate. And now, Miami, a city I’ve come to love, is undergoing its own sports revolution with Padel at the forefront. Let me take you through this incredible journey.

Miami never ceases to amaze. Those pristine beaches, the electrifying nightlife, and now, the Padel explosion. What is it about this sport that’s captivating Miami? This sport has taken the city by storm and it’s not hard to see why. With its fast-paced action, social aspect, and the epitome of luxury, Padel is quickly becoming a favorite pastime for many Miamians. Here’s the inside scoop from someone who’s been knee-deep in the world of Padel, both globally and right here in the U.S. From the key players in the game to the best clubs in town, we’ve got you covered. So grab your racket and let’s dive into what makes Padel such an exciting addition to Miami’s sports scene.

So What is Padel Exactly?

Imagine a sport that feels like a love child between Tennis and Squash, and you’ve got Padel.

Having played it myself, I can tell you it’s an electrifying game. Played usually in doubles, the court feels intimate, a third of a tennis court’s size, enclosed with metallic mesh and walls of clear glass. Unlike tennis, where strength and technique can dominate, Padel is an even playing field. Men, women, seasoned athletes, or youngsters – everyone is on equal footing here. It’s not just about raw power but the strategy, the art of the game. Within my first 30 minutes on the Padel court, I felt the adrenaline, the strategy unfolding, and the sheer joy of the game.

Padel Miami: Equipment

Now, let’s talk gear. The Padel racquet feels compact, without strings, and is designed with an elastic surface peppered with holes. Paired with a low-compression tennis ball, it sets the stage for rapid rallies and tactical plays. And trust me, when that ball bounces off the glass wall, you realize this isn’t just another racquet sport – it’s a whole new ball game.

The court itself is a marvel. Stretching 20 meters in length and 10 meters across, it’s enveloped by glass walls that extend 3 meters high, transitioning to a metallic mesh that adds another meter to the enclosure. A net slices the court in half, slightly elevated at the sides compared to the center. And then there’s the service area, demarcated by a line three meters from the back wall.

Scoring in Padel took me back to my tennis days, with a familiar system but with a twist. The underarm serve, for instance, and the ability to play off the walls, much like in Squash, add an unpredictable, strategic element. Points aren’t just about power – they’re about out-thinking and out-maneuvering your opponent.

Why Miami is the U.S. Epicenter for Padel

Miami, with its azure beaches and sizzling nightlife, has now become synonymous with Padel. Why, you ask? Let’s delve into the factors that have transformed this vibrant city into the U.S. Padel capital.

1. Pioneering Padel Players and Brands:

Wayne Boiche, alongside the Reserve Club, has been instrumental in introducing Padel to the U.S. These pioneers not only built private courts at their residences but also attracted global top-tier players to Miami. The magnetism of the sport in Miami is so strong that celebrities like David Beckham, Dwyane Wade, Jimmy Butler, and Taylor Fritz have taken lessons here. The venue also doubles as a nightlife hotspot with DJ sets and more. Boich’s history with tennis and his exposure to Padel during his travels to France a decade ago fueled his passion.

“Padel is a unique blend of tennis, racketball, and squash and it’s a greatly rewarding sport that allows people at all skill levels to all play and get competitive,” remarks Boich.

2. The Cultural Connection:

Miami’s diverse population, many of whom have Latin American or Spanish roots, play a significant role. Padel’s origin traces back to Mexico in the 1960s. This means many Miamians were already acquainted with the sport upon their arrival. Moreover, the sport’s prominence in Spain, where it stands second only to football, has further amplified its popularity in Miami.

3. Miami Padel Club’s Stellar Contribution:

Miami Padel Club, representing South Florida in the inaugural Professional Padel League, has been a game-changer. The club’s commitment to excellence is evident in their recent acquisition of Marta Marrero, a two-time WPT No. 1. Marrero’s impressive credentials include 25 professional titles in Padel and reaching the French Open quarterfinals in tennis.

Davis Jamieson, the General Manager of Miami Padel Club, beams with pride, “Marta’s acquisition demonstrates the trust of global players in our vision to be the best in the Pro Padel League (PPL) and their commitment to represent our community.”

With only eight teams in the PPL, it’s noteworthy that Miami is home to one of them, further solidifying its central position in the U.S. Padel scenario.

Padel Miami: Our Top List of Clubs

Choosing the best padel club in Miami is no small feat, especially given the plethora of high-quality options available. Over the last 18 months, the Breathe Miami team has undertaken an exhaustive exploration of the local padel scene. We’ve played weekly matches at every notable club, formed close relationships with club owners, interviewed a broad spectrum of players, and hosted regular community events. This guide represents a synthesis of those diverse experiences, rigorous discussions, and invaluable community feedback.

An Evolving Guide: Our mission to identify and share the best padel experiences doesn’t stop here. We continue to refine this guide based on ongoing interactions with leading padel experts and everyday players in Miami. Figures like Hadas Gibly, Maria Alaniz, Roberto Quiroz, Ashcon Rezazadeh, Agustin Velasco, Isabela Miro, Alex Cohen, Jared Finkelstein, and Mark Mindich offer unique insights that ensure our recommendations remain relevant and top-notch.

As you navigate through our top picks, remember – this isn’t just a guide; it’s a community-driven project that evolves with your participation. Your insights and experiences are invaluable to us, making this guide a living document that grows and improves through collective contribution.

Engage with Us: We invite you to join us at our weekly events to experience the vibrant Miami padel scene for yourself and to share your own perspectives. Together, we will continue to discover and celebrate the best padel clubs that Miami has to offer, ensuring that both newcomers and seasoned players find their perfect match.

Reserve Padel: Redefining Luxury in the Padel World

Since we first highlighted Reserve Padel, Wayne Boich and his team have not only continued to enhance their renowned venues but also expanded their influence within the padel community, embodying the epitome of style and luxury. It’s no surprise then that Reserve has partnered with DACRA to introduce a spectacular members-only club in the Miami Design District, further cementing its status as a leader in luxury padel experiences.

New Members-Only Club in Miami Design District: Located at 75 NE 39th St, the new Reserve Miami Design District club is a sanctuary for padel enthusiasts, offering an intimate and exclusive setting. This venue features three beautifully glass-enclosed courts and a pro shop filled with high-end padel gear and stylish Reserve-branded apparel. This exclusive setup ensures that members enjoy a private, luxurious padel experience in one of Miami’s most fashionable neighborhoods.

Expanding to SoLé Mia: Reserve’s expansion continues with the upcoming opening of Reserve Padel at SoLé Mia. Scheduled for fall 2024, this premier padel club in the master-planned North Miami community will boast six outdoor and four indoor padel courts, two pickleball courts, and elevated viewing areas. The club will also feature a state-of-the-art gym and wellness center on its second floor, complete with a cold plunge, steam room, and sauna. An onsite Pura Vida restaurant will cater to both health-conscious diners and social gatherings, enhancing the community-focused luxury experience.

Reserve Seaplane Base: Home to Breathe Miami’s Weekly Padel Playhouse Series: The Reserve Seaplane Base continues to be a beacon of luxury and sport, hosting Breathe Miami’s Weekly Padel Playhouse Series. This event series combines high-end padel play with a vibrant social scene, providing a unique wellness experience every Saturday. It showcases the seamless integration of sport, leisure, and community engagement that Reserve Padel is known for.

A Brand Synonymous with Luxury: Reserve’s strategic collaborations and thoughtful expansions exemplify its commitment to developing high-end padel facilities that promote a luxury lifestyle brand within the sport. These developments not only enhance the padel offerings in Miami but also set new standards for luxury sports facilities globally.

Through these initiatives, Reserve Padel continues to lead the way in transforming padel into a lifestyle experience, merging high-end sport with cultural richness and community spirit.

Ultra Padel: Elevating to New Heights in Miami

Since we first introduced you to Ultra Padel, this dynamic club has embarked on an ambitious expansion that’s set to place it among the largest and most prestigious padel facilities in the world. Under the visionary leadership of Julian Wortelboer, Ultra Padel is not only increasing its number of courts but also enhancing its technology and amenities to offer an unparalleled padel experience.

Expanding Beyond Expectations: Ultra Padel has expanded from its initial setup of nine courts to an impressive total of 29 courts. This expansion includes 12 new outdoor courts expected to be completed shortly, and an additional eight indoor courts, featuring a groundbreaking “kids’ court”—a first in the U.S. This extensive increase in facilities is scheduled for completion by summer, turning Ultra Padel into a major hub for padel enthusiasts.

Technological Advancements: In line with its commitment to innovation, Ultra Padel is integrating advanced AI and camera systems across all its courts. These high-tech installations will capture exciting gameplay moments, allowing players to view highlights in newly constructed gazebos adjacent to each court, enhancing the social and interactive aspects of the game.

A Comprehensive Padel Destination: The expansion isn’t just about adding courts; it’s about creating a holistic padel community. By the end of October, Ultra Padel aims to unveil a full-service indoor facility, complete with a five-star restaurant and a comprehensive wellness area that includes a spa, gym, cold bath, and cryogenic systems. These additions are designed to make Ultra Padel a full-on operational club where sport meets luxury lifestyle.

Setting the Stage for Major Tournaments: With the expansion, Ultra Padel is poised to host significant padel tournaments and events. The increased number of courts will allow for large-scale tournaments with potentially hundreds of participants, making it an ideal venue for both national and international competitions. Julian Wortelboer’s plans include hosting an A1 tournament later this year, with more exciting announcements expected for the 2024 Padel Professional League season.

A Padel Mecca: Julian Wortelboer’s vision for Ultra Padel goes beyond being just a large club; he envisions it becoming a global padel destination or, as he puts it, a “padel mecca.” This vision is supported by the comprehensive facilities and the inclusive approach to building a vibrant community that welcomes players of all ages and skill levels, including a pioneering junior padel academy.

As Ultra Padel continues to evolve, it promises to redefine the landscape of padel clubs not just in Miami but globally, offering both seasoned players and newcomers a place to enjoy, compete, and embrace the padel lifestyle.

Location: 6301 NE 4th Ave, Miami, FL 33138, United States

Discover Padel X: Miami’s Newest Gem in the Padel Scene

In the heart of downtown Miami, a new chapter in the city’s padel story is being written with the opening of Padel X. This state-of-the-art facility, co-founded by the legendary Nalle Grinda and hospitality guru Juan Pablo Leria, is poised to redefine luxury padel experiences. With 10 pristine courts, Padel X offers both novices and seasoned players an unparalleled playing environment.

Nalle Grinda, an original pioneer of padel in the U.S., brings his extensive expertise and passion for the sport to every aspect of Padel X. His journey from playing on the first padel courts in Acapulco to becoming a major promoter of the sport in Miami showcases his dedication and influence in the padel community. This rich history enhances the authenticity and allure of Padel X, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the best of padel in Miami.

Features of Padel X:

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  • State-of-the-Art Courts: Each court is designed to meet professional standards, ensuring an optimal playing experience.
  • Strategic Location: Situated in downtown Miami, Padel X is easily accessible and stands as a beacon for padel enthusiasts.
  • Innovative Technology: The club has implemented cutting-edge technology to record gameplay and share highlights, enriching the experience for players and fans alike.
  • Unique Viewing Experience: The clubhouse is centrally located among all the courts, offering an exceptional vantage point for spectators. This unique setup is unlike most clubs in Miami, where courts are often not visible from the clubhouse, making Padel X particularly suited for hosting spectacular events.

Exceptional Tournament Formats: Nalle Grinda and his team at Padel X have an exceptional understanding of building tournament formats that cater to players of all levels. From fun and engaging events for beginners to highly competitive tournaments for seasoned pros, Padel X provides a vibrant competitive atmosphere that elevates the sport.

Why Padel X Stands Out: Padel X is not just a club; it’s a community hub where the sport’s spirit and style converge. Its partnership with Lacoste, focusing on sophistication and style, sets a new standard for sports facilities. The club’s innovative use of technology and its commitment to providing top-tier competitive experiences show its dedication to advancing the sport.

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, Padel X invites you to be part of Miami’s thriving padel scene. As the sport continues to grow, Padel X is a testament to Miami’s role as a key player in the global padel community.

Location: 141 NE 13th Terrace, Miami, FL 33132

Wynwood Padel Club: The Heart of the City

Wynwood Padel Club offers an exquisite blend of sport and culture. Situated in the heart of Wynwood, the club is a perfect convergence of top-notch Padel and the city’s pulsating vibe. With eight outdoor courts and an enthusiastic staff, the club promises an experience that’s both invigorating and enriching.

Location: 1932 NW Miami Ct, Miami, FL 33136, United States

4. Real Padel Miami: The Padel Pioneer

Last but certainly not least, Real Padel Miami is one of the city’s original Padel hubs. Located in the trendy Wynwood area, it offers top-tier facilities and coaching. Though it might not boast as many amenities as its counterparts, its legacy and dedicated community make it a must-visit.

Location: 1739 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33132, United States

Is Miami the Future of Padel in the U.S.?

Miami’s transformation during the pandemic was nothing short of meteoric. This sun-soaked paradise, already a magnet for luxury and opulence, found a new allure in the form of Padel, further enticing the crests of society. With the city housing some of the nation’s foremost padel innovators, it’s no stretch to claim that Miami might just be charting the course for the sport’s future in the U.S.

Yet, it’s not an unchallenged reign. New York, with its rapidly burgeoning Padel scene, is emerging as a formidable contender. In fact, Reserve Padel, a Miami favorite, has recently expanded its footprint with a stellar facility at Hudson Yards in Manhattan. There’s also buzz that Reserve Padel is setting sights on the West Coast, with Los Angeles potentially being the next city on their expansion radar.

Brands, both established and new entrants, are recognizing the sport’s potential, and gearing up for expansion across the nation. While Los Angeles has been somewhat slower in embracing the Padel renaissance, the potential entry of renowned brands like Reserve Padel could be the catalyst it needs.

Miami’s ascent as a preferred padel hub, drawing players from every corner of the country, underscores its pivotal role in shaping the sport’s trajectory in the U.S. Armed with premier venues like Ultra Padel and a sports ecosystem that thrives on passion and innovation, Miami stands on the brink of elevating padel from a niche delight to a national sensation.

Come Join Us

As the sun sets on our exploration of Miami’s vibrant padel scene, there’s an exciting horizon beckoning at Breathe Media. We’ve always believed in the beauty of community, and to further that spirit, we’re launching monthly padel clinics. If you’ve ever been intrigued by the sport or simply want to refine your skills, this is your golden ticket. Members of our community, whether beginners or seasoned players are welcome to dive into the exhilarating world of padel with us. Interested? Sign up here.

But that’s not all. We’re fusing the adrenaline of padel with the thrill of romance in our brand new show, “Love and Padel”. Imagine the heart-racing excitement of speed dating but on a padel court! It promises a blend of sportsmanship, laughter, and perhaps, the chance of love. For sneak peeks, updates, and more on this and our other ventures, follow us on Instagram at

It’s a thrilling time to be part of the Padel wave, and I, personally, can’t wait to share the court, the laughter, and the stories with you. See you out there!

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