Hadas Gibly

Hadas Gibly, a vibrant force in the Miami wellness community, brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to the Breathe Miami team. With a decade of experience in the city, her multifaceted career spans being a Tremble Pilates Master Instructor, a dedicated Personal Training Coach, and a Holistic Nutritional Coach. Originating from Israel, Hadas has not only adapted but thrived, becoming a celebrated figure in the Padel world by hosting premier women's tournaments, earning her the title of Miami's Padel Queen. Her holistic approach to wellness, combining rigorous physical training with nutritional wisdom, makes her an invaluable resource for those seeking to transform their lives. At Breathe, Hadas will be penning insightful articles on nutrition and Pilates, as well as curating original events, sharing her philosophy that life should indeed be your fairytale.


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