Reed Berglund

Reed Berglund is a passionate advocate for wellness and an embodiment of the active lifestyle. As a former college athlete who played basketball for the UNLV Running Rebels, he's lived a life deeply immersed in body movement and sports. Reed's enthusiasm for staying active extends far beyond the basketball court. He's an avid surfer, wakeboarder, skier, basketball and tennis enthusiast, and an emerging padel player. His love for holistic well-being also includes a dedication to cold plunges and contrast therapy, embracing these practices to optimize recovery and vitality. In his role as the founder of Breathe, Reed brings his extensive experience in wellness and his unwavering commitment to helping individuals discover their path to a healthier, more mindful life. His personal journey and multifaceted fitness background inspire his vision for Breathe as a platform that empowers urban dwellers to explore, experience, and embrace well-being in all its forms. Reed's current focus lies in the realm of flexibility, a key component in his fitness journey to extend the longevity of his active lifestyle. Through Breathe, he aims to share his passion, knowledge, and insights with a vibrant community of wellness enthusiasts, experts, and storytellers, collectively working toward a healthier and happier world.


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