Jungle Magick “Eduardo Castillo LIVE Concert”


November 11, 2023    
2:00 pm - 10:00 pm


H'OM Miami
25100 SW 153rd ave , Homestead, Florida, 33032

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Come and join us for an extraordinary 1 Day Retreat Experience. We have an exceptional lineup of facilitators who will guide us on a profound primal exploration of our senses. We are thrilled to announce that our featured artist will be “Eduardo Castillo“, accompanied by Gisselle World, Eli Light, Kaheal Head, and Jared Bistrong! Throughout the day, we will engage in breathwork, yoga, movement, tribal drumming and dancing. The South Beach Sound Healing Orchestra will provide an immersive sound healing experience, while a Cacao Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance, Fire Show, and a late-night waterfall video mapping show will also be part of the program. Remember to bring something to float on, your bathing suit, a towel or blanket, water, and most importantly, good vibes!

The schedule:

Lagoon Stage

  • 1pm doors open
  • 2pm DJ Kaheal
  • 4:00pm DJ Eli Light
  • 5:30pm Gisselle World (live)
  • 6:00pm Jared Bistrong and Sobe Sound healing Orchestra

Crystal Shala Stage

  • 2pm Willfly Breathwork (Stephi Wald)
  • 3pm Yoga ( Camimi )
  • 4:30pm KAP (kundalini, activation process with Marialina


Villa Stage

  • 8pm Eduardo Castillo Live Concert
  • Our Featured Artist is “Edwardo Castillo”


About Eduardo Castillo

Eduardo Castillo is an artist who values self-expression, rediscovery, and human connection. He adapts his performances to suit each environment, creating a unique experience every time. He has traveled far and wide, seeking out new locations to call home for his concerts. No two shows are ever the same, making each one a truly special experience.

Eduardo’s Live shows use beautiful and powerful sounds to take us on a journey from beginning to end. It starts slowly and calmly, like a meditation, as we explore our thoughts. Then, the sounds get louder and we hear something new and familiar at the same time. We let ourselves be taken by the music, moving together in an improvised dance. As the music continues, we feel like anything is possible and we all share the same goal: to change the world with the power of sound. Everyone’s journey through this experience is unique.

Eduardo Castillo is a skilled musician who has learned a lot about the music industry and has been influenced by his upbringing in South America and Europe. He knows a lot about music and can combine different types of music in his shows. Eduardo likes to keep things simple and natural while still using modern technology to enhance his music.

Eduardo’s goal is to always tell a story from start to finish. Every sound he makes has a significant purpose. His music isn’t just background noise, it adds depth and variety. The music and his live shows are like painting strokes on a canvas that, once he’s finished, will look like a mix of reality and imagination. He’s skilled at blending the musical and technical aspects, as well as the surreal and real.


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