Wellness 1 Day Training in Miami, FL



January 24, 2024    
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


For venue details reach us at: info@academyforpros.com
PH: +1 469 666 9332 Miami, , Miami Beach,, United States, 33016, FL

Event Type

Event Information:

Experience the power of learning through direct engagement with our classroom training. This unique opportunity opens the door for you to interact seamlessly with our experienced instructors, allowing you to benefit from personalized, face-to-face instruction. Our commitment is to create an environment where your questions are heard, your challenges are addressed, and your learning experience is enriched through dynamic, real-time interactions. Join us in the classroom, where education goes beyond the ordinary, and the exchange of knowledge becomes a collaborative journey tailored to your needs.

Date and Time:Wednesday, January 24, 2024 · 9am – 5pm EST

About this event:

  • Enhance your workplace wellness knowledge with this comprehensive 1-day training program in Miami, FL. The course, available in classroom, virtual, and on-site formats, provides a unique opportunity for interactive learning and face-to-face instruction.

Total Duration: 8 hour

Ticket Information:

  • Unlock the gateway to knowledge and well-being by securing your ticket to the Wellness 1 Day Training in Miami, FL. Choose the option that best aligns with your preferences and training needs:
    1. Standard Ticket:
      • Gain access to the full-day training session.
      • Interact with instructors in a classroom setting or virtually.
      • Receive a Course Completion Certificate upon finishing the program.
    2. Early Bird Ticket (Limited Availability):
      • Enjoy all the benefits of the Standard Ticket at a discounted rate.
      • Limited availability, so secure your spot early for extra savings.
    3. VIP Ticket:
      • Elevate your training experience with VIP perks.
      • Priority seating, exclusive materials, and additional post-training resources.
      • Access to a post-training Q&A session with instructors.

    How to Purchase:

    1. Navigate to the “Events” or “Training” section.
    2. Select the desired Wellness 1 Day Training event.
    3. Choose your preferred ticket type.
    4. Follow the prompts to complete your registration.

Workout Session Details:

  • Elevate your well-being with our immersive workout sessions designed to invigorate both body and mind during the Wellness 1 Day Training in Miami, FL. Our holistic approach integrates physical activity into the learning experience, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of workplace wellness. Here’s what to expect:
    1. Session Duration:
      • Engage in invigorating workout sessions scheduled strategically throughout the day.
      • Duration may vary, offering flexibility to accommodate various fitness levels.
    2. Fitness Variety:
      • Experience a diverse range of workouts tailored to suit different preferences and abilities.
      • Options may include cardio, stretching, mindfulness exercises, and team-based activities.
    3. Expert Guidance:
      • Certified fitness instructors will lead each session, combining expertise with motivational support.
      • Learn proper techniques, form, and the importance of incorporating physical activity into daily routines.
    4. Interactive Learning:
      • Understand the correlation between physical health and overall wellness.
      • Discuss the impact of exercise on stress reduction, mental clarity, and workplace productivity.
    5. Team Building:
      • Participate in group exercises fostering a sense of camaraderie among attendees.
      • Team-building activities promote collaboration and create a positive, energized atmosphere.
    6. Wellness Toolkit:
      • Receive practical takeaways to integrate fitness into your daily routine.
      • Learn how regular movement contributes to a healthier work-life balance.
    7. Comfortable Attire:
      • Wear comfortable clothing suitable for moderate physical activity.
      • Athletic shoes are recommended to ensure a comfortable and safe experience.

Essentials to Bring:

  • Participants are encouraged to bring an open mind, a readiness to engage in discussions, and a willingness to actively participate in activities and exercises throughout the training.

Parking Options:

  • For information on parking options, please contact the organizers at

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