Wellness Reset



January 6, 2024    
10:00 am - 12:30 pm


Whole Foods Co-op Denfeld
4426 Grand Ave. Duluth, , Duluth, FL, 55807, FL

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Event Information:

Embark on a transformative journey with Michelle and the Co-op as they guide you through the art of self-care and facilitate a Health Reset. Join this enlightening experience that goes beyond conventional wellness approaches, led by Michelle’s expertise. It’s an opportunity to embrace self-discovery, understand the significance of holistic well-being, and equip yourself with the tools for a comprehensive health reset. Your path to a rejuvenated and balanced life begins here. Join us in this empowering session with Michelle and the Co-op, where self-care becomes a transformative practice.

Date and Time:Saturday, January 6, 2024 · 10am – 12:30pm CST

About this event:

  1. The Wellness Reset event, hosted by Michelle and the Co-op, is designed to guide participants through a journey of self-care and a holistic approach to health. Michelle Russell, a certified holistic health practitioner with credentials including CHHP, CHTP, CEFTP, will facilitate discussions on unhealthy habits, the significance of a holistic approach, the four pillars of health, and effective techniques for stress and anxiety release. The event aims to provide a supportive space for individuals struggling with their health or those seeking a comprehensive wellness reset. The session will conclude with an open Q&A, allowing participants to engage with the content and seek further insights.TotalDuration: 2 hour 30 minute

Ticket Information:

  • Ticket Type: Mobile eTicket

Workout Session Details:

  • The Wellness Reset event primarily focuses on discussions and techniques related to self-care, holistic health, stress release, and anxiety management. While it may not include a traditional workout session, participants can expect an interactive and informative experience that promotes overall well-being.

Essentials to Bring:

  • Participants are encouraged to bring an open mind, a notebook for jotting down insights, and any personal questions related to health and wellness for the Q&A session.

Parking Options:

  • Parking is available at the venue, Whole Foods Co-op Denfeld. Attendees are advised to check for any specific parking instructions or guidelines provided by the venue.

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