Deep Stretch Yoga & Meditation + Sound Healing w/ Crystal Singing Bowls

Deep-Stretch-Yoga-& Meditation + Sound -Healing-w-Crystal-Singing-Bowls


December 24, 2023    
6:00 pm


MegaLiT Miami
3223 NE 2nd Ave Miami, , Avenue Miami, United States, 33137 , FL

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Event Information:

Embark on a transformative odyssey that seamlessly intertwines the rejuvenating art of Deep Stretch Yoga, the serene practice of Meditation, the ethereal resonance of Sound Therapy featuring Singing Bowls, and the profound healing energies of Chakra Balancing. This harmonious fusion invites you to delve into a holistic experience that not only nurtures physical well-being but also transcends into the realms of mindfulness and spiritual rejuvenation. Join us in the synthesis of body, mind, and spirit as we explore the synergy of Deep Stretch Yoga • Meditation • Sound Therapy with Singing Bowls • Chakra Healing, fostering a profound connection within and without.

Date and Time:Starts on Sunday, December 24 · 6pm EST

About this event:

  • Welcome to “A Parent’s Guide to Unlocking Your Child’s Mental Wellness,” a transformative workshop designed to empower you in supporting your child’s mental well-being. Led by Kris, a dedicated parent who has navigated the challenges of nurturing her own child’s mental wellness, this event focuses on three powerful and effective mindfulness practices.

Total Duration: Every Sunday at 6:00 PM

Ticket Information:

  • Attendance Limit: Restricted to 6 individuals per class
  • Social Distancing: Enforced 6 feet distancing
  • RSVP: Mandatory for attendance

Workout Session Details:

  • Yoga Style: Immerse in the rejuvenating practice of Deep Stretch Yoga
  • Additional Practices: Experience Meditation, Sound Therapy featuring Crystal Singing Bowls, and the profound effects of Chakra Healing
  • Mindfulness Approach: Infuse your yoga journey with guided meditations and empowering affirmations

Essentials to Bring:

  • Reminder: Adhere to social distancing norms
  • Important Note: Prioritize health—If exhibiting any symptoms, kindly stay home. Explore our healing kits containing sage bundles, crystals, earth stones, and essential oils by contacting the organizer or visit our online store

Parking Options:

  • Venue: MegaLiT Miami
  • Address: 3223 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137
  • Parking: Parking details are not explicitly provided. Kindly consult the venue or organizer for parking information.

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