Breathwork Journey with Gina Avellan


October 10, 2023    
7:30 pm - 8:45 pm


Modern ŌM Bungalow
5020 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL, 33137

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Join Gina for her healing and meditative breathwork process that will take you into parts of yourself.

This workshop will start with a short meditation to ground into the space, followed by a 20 minute introductory talk to share intentions. We will then go on a 55-minute Breathwork journey accompanied by powerful, evocative music. The music is carefully chosen to quiet the thinking mind and access your inner intelligence. Other instruments and tools are used during the session to assist the process of the journey. Energy work will be done as well, both through touch and holding the space.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a therapeutic process that is meant to be used as a tool to access parts of oneself that aren’t apparent or easy to get to on the surface. It is an avenue to access the inner playground; it is an active meditation that by occupying the mind, to create space for the body to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is a way to experience and tangibly feel your energy, detect blocks and patterns that lie in the body.

This technique takes us out of the beta brain waves to the creativity of the alpha and theta waves. Breathwork is a practice that can aid in letting go of old habits, narratives, conditioning, fears and traumas.

Breathwork moves stuck energy and releases it to allow for expansion within. As an active practice it can bring up emotions, but the body won’t bring up anything it isn’t ready to heal. Just surrender to the BREATH!



Gina Avellan is a Breathwork practitioner and Medicine Woman who helps people rewire and reprogram their subconscious minds. She ties together spiritual and physical health into her signature treatment philosophy utilizing breath, plants, and coaching.

Gina is a certified Health Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, PSYC-K and trained Gottman Method Practitioner, but most importantly she is an embodiment of her teachings. Before devoting herself to her healing practice, Gina obtained an MBA and worked in surgical robotic clinical sales. Her career exposed to western medicine and has given her understanding of both its benefits and limitations.


There is metered parking alongside the streets of Upper Buena Vista on NE 2nd Avenue as well as NE 50th Terrace. Do NOT park in residential zone – they do tow.


Yoga mat, eye mask, blanket, pillow, journal and water bottle

Dress comfortably. No heavy meals at least 60mins before the workshop.


1. Epilepsy

2. Detached retina

3. Glaucoma

4. Prior diagnosis by a healthcare professional of bipolar or schizophrenia

5. Osteoporosis that is serious enough whereby moving around actively could cause potential issues.

6. High blood pressure that is not controlled with medications

7. Pregnancy

8. Cardiovascular disease and/or it regularities including prior heart attack

9. Family history of aneurysms

10. Hospitalization for any psychiatric conditions or emotional crisis

11. Strokes, seizures, TIAs or other brain/neurological conditions or disease

12. Any other medical conditions which would impair or affect ability to engage in any activities that involve intense physical and/or emotional release


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