40-Day Kundalini Yoga Program: The Path to Wellness


April 5, 2024 - April 25, 2024    
8:00 am - 9:45 am


Abhaya Holistic Center
7313 SW 59th Ct. South Miami,, Avenue Miami, Unitef State, 33143 , FL

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Transform Yourself in 40 Days: Kundalini Yoga & Inner Awakening!

Are you ready to unlock your full potential and create lasting change? Embark on a transformative journey with our 40-Day Kundalini Yoga program, guided by the experienced Jap Hari Kaur.

Awaken Your Inner Power:

Kundalini Yoga, combined with meditation and the powerful sounds of the gong, offers a potent path to self-discovery and personal growth. This program will equip you with the tools to cultivate:

  • Resolute Willpower: Develop unwavering determination to achieve your goals.
  • Expanded Consciousness: Gain a deeper understanding of your inner self and its connection to the universe.
  • Vibrant Health & Happiness: Cultivate a sense of well-being that radiates from the inside out.

Experience the Benefits:

Through consistent practice, you’ll experience:

  • Clarity & Vision: Gain a clear perspective on your desires and the path forward.
  • Increased Energy & Vitality: Feel energized and empowered to embrace life’s challenges.
  • Enhanced Mental Focus: Sharpen your mind and improve your ability to stay focused.
  • Emotional Balance: Develop greater emotional resilience and inner peace.
  • Goal Achievement: Learn to manifest your desires and turn dreams into reality.

A Supportive Journey:

Our program offers a structured and supportive environment to nurture your transformation. Join daily morning sessions and weekend classes, led by the highly experienced Jap Hari Kaur.

Jap Hari Kaur:

With over 20 years of experience as a Holistic and Sound Therapist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and Healer, Jap Hari Kaur is passionate about guiding individuals on their path to success and happiness. Her expertise and compassionate approach will empower you to reach your full potential.

Don’t Miss Out!

Reserve your spot today for the 40-Day Kundalini Yoga program. Early bird discounts are available until April 13th! Invest in yourself and embark on a journey of lasting change and inner awakening.

Program Details:

  • Dates: April 16th – May 25th
  • Schedule:
    • Monday-Friday: 6:50 AM – 8:30 AM
    • Saturday & Sunday: 8:00 AM – 9:40 AM
  • Instructor: Jap Hari Kaur

Take the first step towards a more empowered and fulfilling life!

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