Water Lantern Festival


October 14, 2023    
4:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Tropical Park
7900 SW 40th St, Miami, 33155

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The  Water  Lantern  Festival,  voted  #1  Festival  by  USA  Today,  is  coming up soon.  Don’t  miss  this  incredible  experience  where  you  will  create  a  magical  memory  as  the  lanterns  illuminate  the  water  in  a  beautiful  display.  This  festival  brings  people  together  from  all  ages,  backgrounds,  and  walks  of  life,  for  a  magical  night  of  great  music,  tasty  food,  and  the  most  awe-inspiring  sight  as  thousands  of  floating lanterns light up the water. As the sun begins to set on the evening sky, Water Lantern Festival begins to shine with the launch of the lanterns onto the water as we Light The Water together. Participants will watch their unique lantern drift out into the water as it joins other lanterns carrying hope, love, happiness, healing, peace, and connection.



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