Vittoria Regia’s Immersive Art Experience at Miami Art Week 2023


December 9, 2023 - December 10, 2023    
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Soho Pool House
105-107 NE 25th St, Miami, Florida, 33137

Unveiling the Mystique of Chakras at Soho Pool House

This December, Vittoria Regia invites you to a transformative experience during Miami Art Week 2023. Join us at the Soho Pool House for a unique multi-sensory installation that transcends conventional art boundaries, merging creativity with the ancient wisdom of chakras and sacred healing arts.

The Power of Chakras: Pathways to Spiritual and Physical Harmony

At the core of this event is the exploration of the seven primary chakras. These energy centers, symbolizing the intersection of life-force energy, mirror the body’s nerve centers. Influencing both our mental and physical health, the chakras are vital in maintaining balance and harmony within our lives. When Kundalini energy, depicted as a coiled serpent at the base of the spine, is awakened, it travels upwards through these chakras, enhancing our consciousness and perception of beauty.

Cultivating Positive Energy Flow for Holistic Well-being

The state of our chakras significantly impacts our overall well-being. A downward flow of energy can lead to negative emotions and health issues, while an upward movement fosters positivity, creativity, and joy. This event emphasizes the importance of encouraging an upward flow through practices like meditation, yoga, and healthy living, resonating with the ancient healing traditions supported by modern scientific understanding.

Integrating Ancient Wisdom with Modern Art

Vittoria Regia’s event seamlessly integrates the ancient healing arts with contemporary artistic expression. By balancing the chakras, attendees will experience a range of positive emotions and a heightened sense of spiritual and physical wellness. The immersive installation not only promises visual delight but also offers a journey through the subtle energies that govern our emotional and physical states.

Experience the Convergence of Art and Healing

This unique event at the Soho Pool House is a celebration of art, spirituality, and the ancient practice of chakra healing. It’s an opportunity to delve into a world where every sense is engaged, and every moment is a step towards self-discovery and holistic well-being. Join us in this extraordinary exploration of the sacred healing arts intertwined with the vibrant world of contemporary art.



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