Winning against Trauma – Nurturing Mental Health Wellness Symposium


May 4, 2024    
9:00 am - 3:00 pm


USU East Conference Center
18111 Nordhoff Street , Los Angeles, California, 91330

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Reclaim Your Wellbeing: The 2nd Annual Mental Health Symposium

Mark your calendars for May 4th, 2024, because the 2nd Annual Mental Health Symposium is here! This year’s theme, “Winning Against Trauma: Nurturing Mental Health Wellness,” promises an enriching journey focused on empowering you to cultivate mental well-being. Held at CSUN from 9 am to 3 pm, the symposium brings together a diverse panel of experts dedicated to fostering a holistic approach to mental health.

This year’s event goes beyond simply addressing mental health challenges. It prioritizes nurturing mental well-being. Imagine a day filled with engaging sessions led by a variety of professionals, including physicians, meditation instructors, and movement therapists. Each session is designed to equip you with practical tools and strategies to flourish.

Delve into Crucial Topics:

  • Health Disparities in the African-American Communities: This session sheds light on the unique mental health challenges faced by African-American communities. Expert speakers will discuss these disparities and explore strategies for creating greater access to support and resources.
  • Keeping Your Head on a Swivel: Feeling overwhelmed by daily life? This session equips you with practical coping mechanisms for managing anxiety and stress. Learn valuable self-care strategies to build resilience and maintain mental well-being in the face of everyday challenges.
  • Normalizing Mental Health Care Stigmas: Let’s talk openly and honestly about mental health! This session tackles the stigma surrounding seeking mental health care, particularly regarding trauma. Gain insights and strategies for overcoming negative perceptions associated with mental health and learn how to navigate the healing process effectively.

Empowering Yourself:

The 2nd Annual Mental Health Symposium offers more than just information. It’s an opportunity to:

  • Gain Valuable Knowledge: Renowned professionals will share their expertise on various aspects of mental well-being and trauma recovery.
  • Connect with Experts: Engage with the panel during designated Q&A sessions and gain personalized insights from leading minds in the field.
  • Empower Yourself: Leave the symposium equipped with practical tools and strategies to nurture your mental well-being and build resilience against trauma.

Don’t miss this chance to invest in your mental health! Register now for the 2nd Annual Mental Health Symposium. Together, let’s create a more supportive and understanding environment where everyone feels empowered to prioritize their mental well-being.

This event promises to be an enriching experience, fostering a sense of community and empowering you to rise above past traumas and cultivate a life of mental wellness.

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