Miami Dragon Boat Festival


October 28, 2023    
All Day


10800 Collins Ave, Miami, Florida, 33154

The Miami Dragon Boat Festival presents an ideal chance to assemble local groups eager to delve into the thrilling world of dragon boating, all while competing alongside some of Florida’s top teams.

GWN is thrilled to announce our collaborative partnership with Save Our Sisters Miami, where a portion of the event’s proceeds will be directed toward supporting their program. This initiative is aimed at introducing breast cancer survivors to the invigorating sport of dragon boating.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Haulover Park, the Festival guarantees an unforgettable day filled with exhilarating races and boundless enjoyment. Each participating team will engage in thrilling 500m races.

The festival grounds are designed to cater to a diverse audience. Spectators can revel in the excitement of dragon boat racing while gaining insights into the sport. Additionally, the Health and Wellness Village beckons participants and observers alike, offering an array of products and services to promote a healthy lifestyle. Families are warmly invited to bring their children, creating a wholesome outdoor experience amid the races.

For inquiries regarding accessible materials, accommodations for individuals with disabilities, or sign language interpreters (requested at least 7 days in advance), please reach out to us at 1 (416) 962-8899 or via email at


Are you an individual paddler or part of a small group eager to hit the water but lacking a full team? GWN is delighted to introduce our Experience Dragon Boat Programs tailored just for you!

  1. Experience Dragon Boat Train and Race: This comprehensive five-week program includes one practice session per week and culminates with participation in the Major League Dragon Boat Festival in your local community. We provide all the necessary equipment – paddles and lifejackets – so you only need to come dressed in attire that can get wet!
  2. Experience Dragon Boat Race Ready: Designed for those seeking a minimal commitment, this program offers a 1-hour practice session followed by direct participation in the event.

Learn more about these exciting opportunities by clicking here. Join us in experiencing the thrill of dragon boating, whether you’re a solo paddler or a small group looking for an adventure on the water!

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