Liberate Your Inner Goddess: Rejuvenation Journey ,Go Beyond Skin Deep


March 17, 2024    
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


400 S Dixie Hwy #3
400 South Dixie Highway #3 , Hallandale Beach, Florida, 33009

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Unveiling Inner Light: A Journey of Spiritual and Skin Rejuvenation

Embark on a unique experience that blends inner healing and outer radiance with Ananta Ripa Ajmera and KIAN beauticians. This 90-minute workshop delves into ancient wisdom and modern practices to help you achieve true rejuvenation.

Ayurvedic Secrets for Glowing Skin:

  • Explore the ancient science of Ayurveda, where skin reflects your emotional well-being.
  • Discover how emotions like anger and sadness can manifest on your skin.
  • Learn how true rejuvenation requires addressing the root cause – your inner world.

Journey with Maha Gauri, the Goddess of Rejuvenation:

  • Discover the powerful story of Maha Gauri, the Indian goddess symbolizing inner strength and rejuvenation.
  • Connect with Ananta Ripa Ajmera’s personal journey of healing and skin transformation.

Nourish Your Body and Spirit:

  • Receive a refreshing mini-facial to promote healthy, glowing skin.
  • Enjoy a relaxing chair massage to unwind and de-stress.
  • Savor delicious refreshments to further enhance the experience.

Empowerment for Lasting Transformation:

  • Take home a signed copy of the award-winning book, The Way of the Goddess.
  • Gain practical Ayurvedic practices to integrate into your daily life for lasting rejuvenation.
  • Foster a sense of community and spiritual connection.

Meet Your Guide: Ananta Ripa Ajmera

Ananta Ripa Ajmera is a renowned spiritual teacher and author, best known for her work on Ayurveda and spiritual growth. With over 12 years of experience, she empowers individuals to awaken their inner power and achieve lasting peace.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is ideal for anyone seeking to:

  • Improve their skin health and appearance naturally.
  • Explore the connection between emotions and well-being.
  • Discover practical tools for spiritual growth and inner peace.

Join this transformative experience and unlock the power of inner and outer transformation!

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Embrace a holistic approach to rejuvenation and reclaim your radiant self!

Note: This paraphrase condenses the original content while maintaining key information and focusing on the workshop’s benefits. It omits some biographical details about Ananta and emphasizes the experiential and transformative aspects of the event.

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