Deep Stretch Yoga & Meditation + Sound Healing w/ Crystal Singing Bowls


May 5, 2024    
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


MegaLiT Miami
3223 NE 2nd Ave Miami, , Avenue Miami, United States, 33137 , FL

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Find Your Sunday Sanctuary: Deep Relaxation Awaits

Seeking a haven of deep relaxation and holistic rejuvenation? Look no further than this unique Sunday evening experience! Every week, at 6:00 PM, you can embark on a transformative journey that nourishes your body, mind, and spirit.

The session begins with a gentle yet invigorating Deep Stretch Yoga practice. Each pose is meticulously chosen to enhance your physical flexibility and strength, while guided meditations and affirmations help you cultivate a sense of mindfulness. This harmonious blend allows you to become acutely aware of your energy flow, fostering a deeper connection between your physical and spiritual well-being.

The experience doesn’t end there. To further elevate your state of relaxation, the session incorporates the soothing vibrations of Sound Therapy using singing bowls. These ancient instruments resonate with specific frequencies, promoting a sense of calm and inner peace.

Finally, the journey culminates in a guided Chakra Healing practice. Chakras are energy centers within the body believed to influence various aspects of our well-being. This guided process aims to cleanse and balance these chakras, fostering a sense of harmony and wholeness.

Prioritizing Your Safety:

The organizers prioritize your well-being by adhering to social distancing protocols. With a maximum of six participants per class and a minimum six-foot distance requirement, you can enjoy your practice in a safe and comfortable environment.

RSVP is Essential:

Due to limited space, it’s crucial to RSVP in advance to secure your spot in this transformative Sunday ritual.

Feeling Under the Weather?

The organizers understand the importance of prioritizing your health. If you experience any symptoms of illness, no matter how mild, they kindly request that you stay home and focus on healing.

Embrace Holistic Wellness Beyond the Studio:

For those seeking to extend their wellness journey beyond the studio, the organizers offer an online store ( [invalid URL removed]). Here, you can discover a curated selection of “healing kits” featuring sage bundles, crystals, earth stones, and essential oils. These tools can empower you to cultivate a sense of peace and well-being in your own personal sanctuary.

Embrace this opportunity to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. Join this transformative Sunday ritual and discover the path to deep relaxation and holistic rejuvenation.

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