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Ecstatic Dance: The Sound of Transformation with Mose

Ecstatic Dance: The Sound of Transformation with Mose

Mose Cacao Dance and Yoga
Cacao Preparation for Ecstatic Dance Ceremony
Traditional Cacao Ceremony
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Cacao Preparation for Ecstatic Dance Ceremony

An Introduction to Ecstatic Dance & Cacao Ceremony

“Great music is that which carries the present-minded listener to the doorstep of infinity.” – MOSE Cagen. A musician, artist, producer, and songwriter. 

He tours the world sharing his unique approach to ceremonial dance music, which incorporates multicultural rhythms, hypnotic beats, and sacred songs with calls to love, kindness, and compassion.

MOSE ecstatic dance performances often involve live musicians and are improvisational in nature, with the intention of creating a foundation for self-discovery and the cultivation of a present-minded state that offers new insights and deeper clarity in one’s purpose. His work blends elements of traditional indigenous practices with modern music and performance techniques, creating a unique and transformative experience for those who participate.

MOSE is based in Guatemala, where cacao ceremonies and ecstatic dance have had a major influence on his productions and DJ style. It is here that he founded regular cacao dances where members of the community have the opportunity to journey deep into dance while held in a ceremonial container, free of alcohol. 

Beyond the multicultural rhythms and the steady hypnotic beat, MOSE weaves ephemeral chanting of sacred songs and calls to love, kindness and compassion, often bringing in live musicians to create something improvisational connected with that particular place and time. He creates with the intention to set a foundation for self-discovery and the cultivation of a present-minded state which offers new insights and deeper clarity in one’s purpose.

When he is not touring the world or playing these special events in Guatemala, he spends his time going into extended periods of retreat and silence, only to emerge with a deeper, truer and more refined sound. He also supports other emerging artists through his record label Resueño with an intention to bring resonant souls together to create music that uplifts and inspires. The label transcends any particular cultural aesthetic and explores a universal vibration through weaving sounds and languages from around the world. It is also a vehicle for social causes as 50% of all label profits are donated to causes around the world to help those most in need. 

Retreating Into Creative Flow

Music is a tool to convey that which can not be communicated through words. Music is an opportunity to explore more subtle realms of experience and to transmit these experiences through a more emotional expression in sound vibration. 

For MOSE, all art comes from a realm beyond the individual, and so we as artists have an opportunity to dive deep within to find something new, something unique to our experience of life, and to put that experience into form. 

MOSE thinks that the form that this expression takes is colored by our own unique personality, but the greatest art is that which is colored the least of all by the personality. Therefore, the most compelling music he creates is an expression of something far beyond his personality. 

“I do the best I can to get out of the way for this expression to come through me and into the physical realm in its purest possible form,” says MOSE

Cacao Ceremonies

Heart-opening ceremonies accompanied by live music and mindfulness. Spiritual rituals that use special ceremonial-grade cacao, which is a raw rousted and pressed into rock cacao and prepared as a beverage, often with spices. These ceremonies have been practiced for centuries by indigenous cultures in Central and South America and are now gaining popularity in other parts of the world.

During a cacao ceremony, participants typically gather in a sacred space, often with a shaman or facilitator who leads the ceremony. The cacao is prepared in a traditional way, often with added herbs and spices to enhance its flavor and potency. The beverage is then consumed by the participants, who sit in meditation or engage in other spiritual practices such as chanting, dancing, or sharing personal intentions and prayers.

Cacao ceremonies are said to have a variety of spiritual and physical benefits. Some practitioners believe that cacao can help to open the heart chakra and facilitate emotional healing, while others see it as a tool for enhancing creativity, clarity, and focus. The caffeine and theobromine in the cacao can also stimulate the nervous system, providing an energy boost and increasing mental alertness.

Cacao ceremonies offer a unique and powerful way to connect with oneself, others, and the divine, while also celebrating the cultural heritage and spiritual traditions of the indigenous peoples of Central and South America.

Ecstatic dance

Ecstatic dance is a type of freeform dance that emphasizes uninhibited movement and self-expression. It is often practiced in a group setting, with participants moving freely to music that is designed to facilitate a meditative, trance-like state.

Unlike traditional dance forms, ecstatic dance does not follow a set of prescribed steps or routines. Instead, participants are encouraged to move in whatever way feels natural and authentic to them, using the music as a guide to explore different rhythms, moods, and emotions.

Ecstatic dance sessions are typically held in a safe and supportive environment, with participants encouraged to respect each other’s space and boundaries. The music is usually a mix of different genres and styles, including world music, electronica, and ambient sounds, designed to create a journey through different emotional states and energies.

One of the key benefits of ecstatic dance is its ability to help participants connect with their bodies and emotions in a deep and meaningful way. By allowing themselves to move freely and express themselves without judgment, participants can release pent-up emotions, increase their self-awareness, and experience a sense of liberation and joy.

Ecstatic dance is a powerful and transformative practice that offers a unique way to connect with oneself and others, explore different states of consciousness, and tap into the healing power of movement and music.

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