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tinez farms


16405 SW 177th Ave

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Located on the outskirts of the Redlands, a bustling agricultural hub in South Florida, lies the charming Tinez Farms. This quaint, family-owned farm is the brainchild of Jessica and Ruben Martinez, proud Miami natives. Their journey into agriculture began when they recognized the scarcity of local, organically grown produce in the region. With little prior experience in farming, the couple embarked on this adventure with a shared vision: to create a brighter future for their family and their beloved community.

As they navigate the world of farming, Jessica and Ruben are not just growing crops; they’re cultivating knowledge and sharing the abundance of their labor with their hometown. Their commitment to sustainable, local, and organic farming practices is not only transforming their family’s life but also enriching the lives of those who savor the fruits of their labor. Tinez Farms stands as a testament to the power of determination, learning, and the profound impact a small family farm can have on the world around it.

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