Mental Health Conference for First Responders and Family!


July 20, 2024    
9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Florida International University
11200 Southwest 8th Street, Miami, Florida, 33199

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Dive Deep into Mental Wellbeing: Florida International University Mental Health Conference

Calling all those seeking to strengthen their mental well-being! Florida International University invites you to a groundbreaking Mental Health Conference in sunny Miami, FL. This event promises insightful presentations, personal stories, and practical tools to empower you on your journey towards mental resilience.

Keynote Speaker: Travis Howze

Get ready to be inspired by Travis Howze, an international speaker, author, and motivational wellness educator. His acclaimed course, “Post Traumatic Purpose,” is designed to equip you with the tools to navigate life’s challenges and cultivate leadership qualities. His keynote address will delve into:

  • Understanding Mental Health: Gain valuable knowledge about the importance of mental well-being and its impact on your life.
  • Coping with Trauma: Learn practical strategies for overcoming past traumas and fostering emotional resilience.

Special Guest Speakers: Law Enforcement Professionals

This conference goes beyond theory. Hear firsthand accounts from law enforcement community members who will share their personal experiences and insights on mental health. These brave individuals will discuss:

  • Unique Challenges Faced by Officers and First Responders: Gain a deeper understanding of the demanding nature of these professions and the potential impact on mental well-being.
  • Developing Coping Mechanisms: Discover valuable strategies employed by law enforcement professionals to navigate stress, trauma, and maintain mental resilience.

A Conference for Everyone

Whether you’re a seasoned mental health advocate, a first responder seeking support, or simply someone looking to prioritize your well-being, this conference has something for you. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Empowering Presentations: Leave feeling equipped with practical tools and knowledge to navigate life’s challenges and build emotional resilience.
  • Personal Connections: Connect with a supportive community of individuals passionate about mental well-being.
  • A Hopeful Outlook: Gain valuable insights and strategies to cultivate a healthy mindset and a more fulfilling life.

Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your mental well-being! Join the Florida International University Mental Health Conference and embark on a transformative journey towards greater resilience and emotional strength.

This event promises to be an enriching experience, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to navigate life’s challenges and thrive.

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