Breathwork with EuGene Gant at Faena

Breathwork with EuGene Gant at Faena


September 25, 2023    
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Faena Hotel
3201 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL, 33140

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Join the charismatic EuGene Gant for his monthly breathwork session at the Faena Hotel.

The Breath is the king of the mind, and the mind is the king of the senses! This extended breath session will immerse you in the power of your life force, helping you release tension, stress, and toxins from your body.

Join EuGene Gant, Naam Yoga therapist, as he guides you through his signature “Breath Bath” experience. The class will move you through different phases of breathing modalities specifically designed and curated to help you reset your nervous system, and strengthen your capacity to think, feel, and move with clarity and power. Prepare for a deep dive into personal healing and a boost to your vibration, one breath at a time.


For over 17 years, EuGene Gant has been motivating people with practical teachings that encourage a conscious lifestyle, healthy body, clear mind, and open heart. EuGene combines yoga therapies, breathing techniques, and meditation, fused with empowering mantras, soulful music of his own creation, and plenty of laughter. EuGene is known for his distinctive, high-energy, and inspiring teaching style. His aspiration in teaching is to help people achieve their highest potential while honoring their spiritual connection.


Faena Hotel (3201 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach). Check-in at Tierra Santa Healing Spa on the 3rd Floor.


Valet parking at Faena Hotel or municipal lot 1 block north of Faena.


A refillable water bottle and an open heart.


Registration is Early Bird or General Admission

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